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CIBC Credit Card - CIBC Credit Cards Overview

CIBC offers a selection of credit cards, including everyday, business, student, retail rewards, cashback, travel, and others.

CIBC Credit Cards

The Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce offers a wide array of products, including unsecured and secured cards. The CIBC secured credit card is a good choice for customers who seek to rebuild or build credit. Secured options are offered to Canadians with poor and fair credit and international students. Customers can choose from different CIBC visa cards as well, including rewards, cashback, travel, and others. CIBC offers rewards cards by Visa, along with generous incentives such as cash back, no annual fee, and others. Visa cards come with features such as authorized spending limits, guaranteed hotel reservations, rental discounts, and a lot more. When it comes to the best credit cards Canada based CIBC has a lot to offer, with different cards in Canadian and US dollars. The CIBC credit card is ideal for both international and domestic purchases.


Customers can choose from CIBC visa debit and credit cards, along with savings and checking accounts. CIBC visa cards add to your purchasing power, and some products come with no annual fee. Personal and business Visa cards go with low interest rates, additional cards, and other perks. The CIBC visa infinite comes in two varieties - Aerogold Infinite and Aventura Infinite. The latter allows customers to earn bonus points on purchases and earn travel rewards. Customers with household income of $15,000 or higher qualify. It is easy to apply for a CIBC visa online, whether Aventura or another product. Customers are asked to submit details such as their residential status, social insurance number, financial and employment details, and others.

CIBC Rewards

CIBC offers a selection of travel and rewards cards, including CIBC gold rewards, CIBC Aero Platinum Visa, and others. Rewards cards feature travel benefits and extra miles for purchases made at drug stores and gas stations. When it comes to the best travel rewards credit card Canada based CIBC branches offer plenty of choice, including gold and platinum cards.

The CIBC Aventura Card

The CIBC Aventura Rewards Card comes in three types - Visa, Gold, and Infinite. Aventura Gold, for example, features extra bonus points for purchases at participating spas, restaurants, inns, hotels, gas and drug stores, and other establishments. The cards features CIBC Aventura points and a generous welcome bonus offered with the first purchase. Aventura infinite is another option that enables customers to earn points and offers access to entertainment events and venues, dining, hotels, and luxury travel. With CIBC Aventura rewards accumulate quickly and can be redeemed for airfare. Customers with household income of at least $100,000 qualify. Personal income of $60,000 or higher is required. With Visa Aventura points are offered on qualifying purchases, and there are no restrictions. However, personal income of $15,000 or higher is required to qualify. The CIBC Aventura Card is intended for holders who often travel for business or pleasure, whether abroad or at home. With Aventura CIBC customers can choose from multiple airlines and earn travel rewards.

CIBC Aerogold Visa

This is another option that offers standard and premium travel benefits. Customers enjoy multiple benefits, including hotel amenities such as complimentary breakfast and in-room Wi-Fi, VIP status, and others. CIBC Visa Aerogold offers plenty of benefits to holders, including rewards points to be redeemed toward cruises, vacation packages, holidays, and accommodation. Points can be redeemed toward gift certificates, tickets for special events, gift cards, merchandise, and more. CIBC Gold Visa Rewards offers many lifestyle and travel benefits, for example, priority boarding and check-in, and many others.

CIBC Mastercard

CIBC credit card

The Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce offers different types of MasterCard cards for daily purchases. Customers can choose from cashback and everyday options for higher purchasing power, safety, convenience, and instant purchases. Customers are offered the opportunity to build credit and benefit from perks such as no annual fee, Petro points, rewards bonuses, and others. The CIBC Petro-Points MasterCard card, for example, offers bonus points on drug and grocery store purchases and fuel. This product is designed for frequent travelers and helps save cash on fuel. The fact that there is no annual fee is a major benefit, along with perks such as fraud and spend alerts, additional cards, generous rental discounts, and others. The Dividend Unlimited World Elite MasterCard is another option, going with no overlimit fees, cash back, concierge services and other benefits and amenities.